Terms and Conditions

Thunder on the Rock Attendee shall comply with all federal, state and local laws and ordinances, and may be excluded for remainder of event, without refund, upon a violation of this provision. Attendee expressly assumes all risks, associated with event, including but not limited to [1] Risk of assaultive, negligent, willfully negligent, intentional negligent, unlawful, or other harmful behavior by other Attendee or other persons; [2] All risks associated with the operation of motorcycles and other motor vehicles on event premises; [3] All risks associated with event premises, including but not limited to bluffs, water bodies, obstruction or hazards in roadways and pathways, slipperiness caused by mud, wet grass, or other hazards, and whether or not insufficient lighting or warning is alleged or established, and whether such hazard be seen or unseen.

Organizer shall bear no responsibility for Attendee’s property. Thunder on the Rock tickets are sold on a “rain or shine” basis, and Attendee shall not be entitled to a full or partial refund resulting from bad weather or any other cause. Organizer does not guarantee, availability of activities or performers, and Attendee shall not be entitled to a full or partial refund on account of any failure thereof. Organizers may ask for identification to confirm Attendee’s age for purposes of purchasing or consuming alcohol. Ticket may not be transferred to any person younger than 18 years old. Attendee may be excluded from events and/or event premises at Organizer’s discretion for unruly, loud , obnoxious, obscene, offensive, or dangerous behavior.

Attendee gives Thunder on the Rock, it’s successors and assigns, and those acting under its permission or upon its authority, permission to copyright and/or publish any photograph or video of Attendee with or without using Attendee name, and to keep changes in or additions to such photographs, portraits, and/or videos in such manner as shall seem proper to their use. Attendee also understands that editorial matter may accompany these photos. Attendee certifies that he/she is of full age (18) and is possessed of full legal capacity to execute the foregoing authorization.

Attendee understands that NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE EVENT. This includes bats, clubs, or any object that is carried with the intention to use as a weapon. Thunder on the Rock is considered NEUTRAL GROUND to all MOTORCYCLE CLUBS. Anyone or club showing DISRESPECT to Thunder on the Rock and/or Attendees will be REMOVED from the event by security without refund of admission fee.