A: Specific times for both camp set-up as gate opening time will be announced soon.

Q: How old do you have to be to enter?


Q: Does my ticket include a vehicle?

A: Your event ticket includes your MOTORCYCLE ONLY. Additional Fees [$40 per Support Vehicle] apply to Support Vehicles. MOTORCYCLES ARE NOT SUPPORT VEHICLES AND CAN COME AND GO ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME.

Q: What is a support vehicle?

A: A support vehicle can be a car, a pickup, a pickup pulling a camper, or a dually pulling a large fifth wheeler camper. A support vehicle can occupy a space of up to 20′ x 50′. If you need more space than that, you will need to purchase an additional Support Vehicle pass. Once a Support Vehicle has Parked it will NOT BE ALLOWED to MOVE AROUND. This will be STRICTLY enforced.

Q: What if I have a ticket to enter but do not want to pay to bring my vehicle in?

A: Anyone attending only the concerts, or driving what would be considered a support vehicle that does not want to pay the support vehicle fee, will be provided Free Parking just Outside the Event Area. [Shuttle to Event Provided]

Q: Can I bring my golf cart or four wheeler?

A: GOLF CARTS ARE ALLOWED THIS YEAR!!! However, you must purchase a $25.00 PASS for your GOLF CART. However, four wheelers are still NOT ALLOWED.

Q: I am handicapped and require a golf cart or four wheeler to attend the event safely. What do I need to do?

A: Golf carts Are Allowed for Handicapped Persons with Valid Documentation. You will need to send documentation, along with name and contact information to:
PO Box 1223
Monteagle, TN 37356  or at rodney@thunderontherockmusicfestival.com BEFORE THE EVENT in order to make sure that you qualify.

Q: Are generators permitted?

A: Yes.

Q: Are motorcycle club colors (clubs) allowed?

A: Yes, however we expect RESPECT from ALL MCs. NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE EVENT. This includes bats, clubs, or any object that is carried with the intention to use as a weapon. Thunder on the Rock is considered NEUTRAL GROUND to all MOTORCYCLE CLUBS. Anyone or club showing DISRESPECT to Thunder on the Rock and/or Attendees will be REMOVED from the event by security without refund of admission fee.

Q: Will hot showers be available?

A: Clean sanitized Showers will be provided for $10.00.

Q: Is water available to motor homes?

A: Water trucks will be on site to deliver water to motor homes at their camp site. The fee is $50.00 per service.

Q: Is motor home sewage pumping available?

A: Yes, Pumper trucks will be available to pump motor home sewage tanks at their camp site. The fee for this services is $50 per service.

Q: Can I come in Wednesday and rope off a camp site until I can get there to set up tents?

A: No. However, you are welcome to set up tents and leave until a later time.

Q: Can I bring glass bottles?

A: For everyone’s safety, no.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: Sorry, no. Bikers have been known to eat pets for midnight snacks, therefore we request all four legged animals, reptiles, birds, etc. stay home.

Q: Can I carry a cooler with beer into the stage area for the concert?

A: No. However, Beer Bars will be set up in the concert area.

Q: Are there rules and conditions to attend the event?

A: Yes. You can review them by clicking here.