Driving Directions

Driving Directions

518 Brawley Rd, Tracy City, TN 37387

From Nashville, TN

6. Merge onto I-40 E via the ramp on the lefttoward Knoxville/Huntsville.

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4.0 mi
7. Keep right to take I-24 E via EXIT 213Atoward Chattanooga.

83.1 mi
8. Take the US-41A E exit, EXIT 134, towardUS-41/Monteagle.

0.2 mi

Hey guys, to get to Thunder on the Rock come down Highway 56 in Tracy City, TN. From there look for Clause Hill Road. Turn down there. Brawley Rd will be on your right. 

518 Brawley Rd Tracy City, TN should take you to the entrance. If not call (931) 703-2720